Voluntary Disclosure

What you need to know about Voluntary Disclosure

Mistakes on taxes can happen to anyone and that’s why we, at Farber Tax Law, are here to help.  Whether you’ve underreported your income or not disclosed all of your assets, a failure to pay your taxes to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) properly, could be subject to financial penalties, interest and even criminal prosecution. 

The good news is that there is a program which allows for taxpayers to come forward and correct their errors under the Canada Revenue Agency’s Voluntary Disclosures Program (VDP). 

It truly is a second chance for taxpayers to correct their mistakes, and get relief as it rewards taxpayers who cooperate with the CRA. In fact, in many cases the CRA will not only wave penalties, but also remove interest payments as well. 

At Farber Tax Law, we will give you our exclusive focus ensuring you are confident throughout the process, in addition to providing you with lawyer-client privilege so that you can freely discuss all concerns related to your tax matter without fear of losing confidentiality.

How We Help with Voluntary Disclosure

It all starts with a FREE CONSULTATION to understand your unique tax issues.

When you partner with us, we will help you make a formal Voluntary Disclosure ensuring accuracy of facts and accompanying documentation from all your tax accounts for every year where there were previous errors or omissions.

We will support you in all CRA communications, facilitation, preparation requirements and negotiate on your behalf.

We will address any obstacles and challenges in ensuring success with a payment arrangement that is best for you.

You are our priority and effectively resolving your tax issue is what we do best.

… They never gave up on me and it was a very LONG process. I am beyond grateful for the final resolution. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone having issues with CRA. Thank you everyone, you have my gratitude always!


Vanessa Terveld

Learn more about Voluntary Disclosure

Did you know any taxpayer can benefit from Voluntary Disclosure.

There are five conditions that you must be eligible for.


There are a variety of tax omissions and errors that a Voluntary Disclosure will cover.

The most common include ineligible expenses, failure to file a tax return, and not reporting your full taxable income.


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