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We have all the resources under one roof. Our Ex-CRA professionals in affiliation with Tax Lawyers from Farber Tax Law, offer solutions to resolve your CRA problem easily and cost effectively.
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Farber Tax Solutions is a tax dispute resolution firm serving clients across Canada. Our team of ex-CRA professionals at Farber Tax Solutions provide effective tax solutions and the tax lawyers from our affiliate: Farber Tax Law, ensure that you get high-quality litigation services and legal advice. This ensures that you get holistic and robust tax solutions.

Farber Tax Solutions is proud to be affiliated with Farber Tax Law, an independent, tax litigation firm. All legal tax services are provided by Farber Tax Law.

We have built our reputation on outstanding client service and are committed to helping you succeed in your tax matter. Our strength lies in our unique experienced team who work together to offer comprehensive solutions to complex tax issues, including:

Are You being Audited by CRA

CRA Audits

CRA audits can be full of traps and pitfalls. Our experienced tax team can help you safely navigate the process.
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CRA Assessments

Objections & Disputes

When the CRA gets an assessment wrong, we can help you fight back. Our experienced tax team can help in disputing CRA assessments and can help you win.
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Tax Investigations

Affiliation With Farber Tax Law

The Tax Lawyers at our affiliate tax law firm: Farber Tax Law, can fight for you and protect your rights. Farber Tax Law Lawyers help clients manage and litigate tax disputes at all levels of court.

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CRA Collection Problem

CRA Legal Action

Tax arrears can quickly escalate to legal action. You need professional ex-CRA help to handle and manage CRA collections.
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CRA Tax Payment Plans

CRA Payment Plans

Our ex-CRA team can help you negotiate the best possible payment arrangement with CRA Collections.
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Late Tax Filing

Wage Garnishment

CRA garnishments can cripple your income. We can help remove them and keep the CRA at bay.
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Late Tax Filing

Unfiled Taxes / Back Taxes / Late Tax Filing

Tax non-compliance can be painful to fix. Our experienced tax team can help make the process fast and easy.
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Unreported Income

Unreported Income & Assets

We help resolve unreported income and asset issues to eliminate CRA criminal legal action, penalties, interest.
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CRA Penalties and Interest

CRA Penalties & Interest

The CRA can add hefty penalties and interest onto existing tax debts. We can help alleviate these amounts and help you get relief.
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CRA Penalties and Interest

Directors' Liability & s.160 Assessments

What is “Directors’ Liability” and can directors be liable for company debts? Find out here and what you can do if you are being held liable by the CRA.
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CRA Assessments

CRA Net Worth Assessments

Net worth lifestyle audits are frequently incorrect and grossly overstate taxable income. Our experienced tax team can ensure that you pay only what you should.
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