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Success Stories & Case Studies

Read some of our client success stories below to learn more about how our team of tax lawyers and ex-CRA advisors* have helped others deal with their tax challenge.

A Bridal & Wedding Business in Vancouver, CRA Froze Their Bank Account.

May 13, 2024

Case Background: A bridal and wedding services company located in Vancouver, BC, operates under strict timelines to meet the demands of imminent weddings, necessitating a high level of efficiency. The occurrence of a frozen bank account represents a severe disruption, preventing the business from paying suppliers or placing orders. This situation arose due to outstanding […]

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Home Renovation company, behind in payroll and HST.

The pandemic had a serious impact on the ability of small business owners  to meet their outstanding payment obligations to both the CRA and suppliers as their revenues dropped significantly. If you don’t pay the CRA what is due, they have the ability to freeze your bank accounts and severely disrupt your business. The following […]

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John was an individual in his 60s who found himself grappling with a personal tax balance owed to the CRA due to late filing of multiple tax years.

Case Background: This predicament resulted in his account being placed into collections status with a collections officer pursuing him for payment by all means possible. The Farber Tax Solutions Approach: Stepping in to assist John, our team conducted a comprehensive review of John’s financial situation with the objective of formulating a formal proposal for repayment […]

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Overturned Reassessment Denying Business Expenses

Case Background: The taxpayer was a musician who performed with his band which was formed in early 2010. Since he incurred significant expenses including: rehearsal space, advertising, and musical supplies; he claimed these as business expenses. He was audited by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). After his reassessment was completed, the CRA disallowed all the […]

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Conducted Investigation Analyzing taxpayer's filings And Account Disclosures

Case Background: The taxpayer was an employee in the mining industry, working on-site for much of the 2014 and 2015 taxation years. The taxpayer was a Status Indian and was told he was working on reserve. Normally, any income earned under those conditions would be tax exempt. In 2016, the taxpayer was suddenly reassessed and […]

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Filed Notice Of Objection To Prevent CRA Collection Actions

Case Background: The Taxpayers were a married couple that had not filed their personal tax returns for some time, and were owing a significant debt to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). They initially engaged Farber Tax Solutions for an investigation to determine the nature and source of their tax debt. The Farber Tax Solutions Approach: […]

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Audit Support Allowed Expenses To Be Approved By CRA Leading To Lower Amount Of Taxes Owed

Case Background: The Taxpayer was a sole proprietor in the construction business. He was audited by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for the 2013 and 2014 taxation years. As a result of the audit, all of the Taxpayer’s expenses were denied on reassessment, including his costs of goods sold, telephone, motor vehicle and other expenses. […]

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Removed Gross Negligence Penalties By Getting Deductions And Expenses Approved

Case Background: The Taxpayer is a long-haul truck driver. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audited him for the 2012 to 2014 taxation years, and the Taxpayer was reassessed as a result. The Farber Tax Solutions Approach: The Taxpayer had originally engaged Farber Tax Solutions for assistance with obtaining a payment arrangement plan for his tax […]

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Stopped CRA Legal Action And Secured Tax Payment Plan To Avoid Penalties

Case Background: Mr. M. is a motor-cycle mechanic based just north of Toronto.  His business is seasonal and fluctuates. Mr. M approached Farber Tax Solutions as a sole proprietor owing both a personal and HST/GST balance.  In addition, he had not filed his personal or business return for some years. The Farber Tax Solutions Approach: […]

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Secured Corporate Taxes Payment Plan To Continue Running Business

Case Background: Farber Tax Solutions was asked to meet with the directors of “ABC Company” (ABC), who had originally reached out to Farber Financial in late 2017.  ABC had been audited by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for HST and Payroll source deductions, resulting in a total debt exceeding three-quarters of a million dollars.  The […]

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Secured Payment Plan To Payoff Tax Debt

Case Background: Ms. L is a semi-retired teacher in the greater Toronto area.  She had an amount owing to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) of roughly $35,000 as a result of non-filing for a number of years. She had been in discussions with the CRA regarding her outstanding balance but was having no success in […]

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