Taxpayer Relief

What you need to know about Taxpayer Relief

Sometimes life presents us with challenging circumstances that can get in the way of our tax obligations and may seem impossible to pay off due to high interest rates and penalties imposed by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

The good news is the CRA can grant relief based on fairness in instances where extraordinary circumstances led to some aspect of non-compliance.

Commonly known as the Taxpayer Relief Program, the CRA has the discretionary power in two critical areas, specifically, canceling penalties and interest, in addition to issuing refunds for tax returns that are more than the three-years past due.

Requesting Taxpayer Relief may appear on the surface to be a simple and straightforward process.  However the reality is quite the opposite.  It is often difficult and time-consuming for taxpayers to navigate this complex process.  It is challenging to persuade the CRA to act favorably and secure a successful result and that is where the experienced professionals at Farber Tax Law can help.

How we help with Taxpayer Relief

It all starts with a FREE CONSULTATION to understand your unique tax disputes.

When you partner with us, be confident in knowing that Farber Tax Law has the skills and experience necessary to prepare a highly compelling Taxpayer Relief request on your behalf, which in turn will provide you with the best chance to succeed.

We focus on eliminating penalties/interest.

We can also request that the CRA provide an allowance for late refunds and adjustments using the Taxpayer Relief Program.

We provide you with first-hand knowledge of how the CRA works and thinks, through our ex-CRA Advisors*, which is a distinct and unique benefit you'll get, ensuring your rights are fully protected and that we provide you the best possible outcome.

You are our priority and effectively resolving your tax dispute is what we do best.

Excellent service

Took the stress away from me having to deal with the CRA direct. They understand what can be done or not!!! Worth spending money to achieve a comfortable outcome.


Brian Bitly

Learn more about Taxpayer Relief

Did you know that there are three identified situations where Taxpayer Relief will be granted.

They can be defined as ‘extraordinary circumstances’, ‘CRA errors’, and ‘financial hardship’.


There is a deadline to submit a Taxpayer Relief request.

Tax relief requests regarding penalties, interests and refunds can be for a period of time dating back to a maximum of 10 years.


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