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Resolving your tax dispute is our sole focus and it starts with a conversation. Here is a list of disputes we can help you with:

Audit: You are being audited and require professional assistance

· Notice of Objection/Appeal: Your tax returns have been reassessed and you want to dispute the adjustments

· Voluntary Disclosure: You have unfiled tax returns, undeclared income, or undisclosed assets and want to come forward but don’t know how and are worried about the consequences

· Collections: You owe the CRA money but can’t afford to pay them immediately. You are looking for an affordable payment plan that also protects you from the CRA’s enforcement actions.

· Taxpayer Relief: You want to reduce the penalties and interest on your tax debt so you can pay what’s fair

Find out how we can help! Call us now or provide us with your contact details below.

During business hours, a member of our team will contact you within 2 hours to schedule your FREE consultation.


Why choose Farber Tax Solutions?

  • We deal with the CRA on your behalf
  • We navigate the entire dispute process from start to finish
  • We guide you through the process in a straightforward manner
  • We ensure you are informed and confident every step of the way
  • We protect your rights, and your confidentiality
  • We provide first-hand knowledge of how the CRA works and thinks
  • We prioritize resolving your tax dispute
  • Where legal expertise is required, we have an affiliation with Beitel Tax Law who specialize in all aspects of Canadian tax law