What you need to know about an Audit?

An audit by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is an examination of your books and records, which largely focuses on whether or not your tax returns fully reflect all of the income, revenue and expenses that should have been reported during the year.

A tax audit by the CRA is an unwelcome disruption, however, aside from the inconvenience, there are other important factors involved during an audit.  The CRA is looking for unreported income and other areas of non-compliance. If your audit is not handled properly, the process can quickly escalate and result in significant financial and personal consequences for you and perhaps even your family.

The help and guidance from experienced tax professionals will ensure the best possible outcome in resolving your tax problem quickly and efficiently. We will represent your best interests with the CRA, ensuring that your rights are fully protected and that the audit process is conducted properly.

At Farber Tax Law we understand that being audited can feel invasive and unfair, but it’s important not to react impulsively as the consequences can be very serious. Our focus will be to ensure you are properly represented and fully supported throughout the entire process, so that your audit goes smoothly, and your rights as a taxpayer are respected.

How we help with an Audit.

It all starts with a FREE CONSULTATION to understand your unique tax disputes.

When you hire us, we will immediately step in on your behalf and take over all communications with the CRA and protect your rights.

We will develop a customized, comprehensive plan for you, including the key audit stages of information gathering, analysis, strategy development and the final proposal, with our focus being a favourable outcome which is fair to you.

We will lead all CRA communications, facilitation and preparation requirements.

You are our priority and fairly resolving your tax dispute while ensuring that your rights are fully protected is what we do best.

Their work exceeded my expectations. Could not be happier!

… It seemed to make sense to hire an office with a huge amount of CRA experience. Although far away from where I live, with a three hour time difference, I decided to hire these experts I had found online, to help me with the objection to the high CRA penalties I was facing …


Helma Swinkels

Learn more about an Audit

Did you know that there are many ways that your return can be flagged for an Audit?

It can be through a random selection process, an audit project or through a third party lead.


Regardless of how you were selected, it is important that you know your rights.

An Audit is a stressful and time-consuming process that quickly can become overwhelming and requires professional representation.


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