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What you need to know about Farber Tax Solutions

Welcome to Farber Tax Solutions where you are our priority and resolving your tax dispute is our sole focus.

We know that dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) can be confusing, stressful, and overwhelming.

We are a tax firm that takes the time to uncomplicate the complicated, without “jargon”, and make them feel comfortable and never intimidated.

We are a firm that is responsive to their needs and keeps them fully informed every step of the way.

Clients appreciate the experience of having someone on their team who has worked in senior roles at the CRA and understands how the CRA operates. If this is the kind of experience and collaboration you are looking for to resolve your tax dispute, please schedule a free consultation today.

CRA Experience Matters

  • 22 years at the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Tax Auditor | Manager
  • Appeals Officer | Manager
  • Tax Avoidance Auditor | Manager
  • Criminal Enforcement Investigator
  • Senior Collections Officer | Complex Cases

See what we can do for you

CRA Collections

We will negotiate affordable payment terms based on your client’s ability to pay, unfreeze bank accounts, stop garnishments, and determine any potential relief on penalties and interest.


We will take over all communications on your client’s behalf; set strategy and handle negotiations with the CRA. We will protect their rights while working towards the best possible outcome for your client.


If you have a client who disagrees with a CRA reassessment, we will fully review the issues, file a notice of objection, and develop an effective strategy to reverse or mitigate the CRA’s adjustments.


We have a long-standing affiliation with Beitel Tax Law, a firm specializing in tax matters requiring legal representation, including at the Tax Court of Canada.

Voluntary Disclosure

We will work with you and your client on representations to the CRA’s Voluntary Disclosures Program (VDP) related to unfiled tax returns, unreported income, or undeclared foreign assets

Taxpayer Relief

We will prepare a comprehensive and compelling written submission to relieve your client from penalties and interest on their tax arrears.

Farber Tax Solutions helps you every step of the way

  • It all starts with a FREE CONSULTATION.

    Where we discuss your unique tax disputes and you learn how we can help.
  • We will then step in on your behalf, to deal with the CRA.

    Communicating with the CRA and navigating the entire CRA dispute process from start to finish.
  • We develop the right course of action for you.

    Including you in the process, like a true partner.
  • We guide you through the process in a straightforward manner.

    Ensuring you feel confident with the direction being taken.
  • We protect your rights, ensuring proper conduct by all involved.

    You are our priority and resolving your tax dispute is what we do best.
  • We offer you a complete solution to your tax disputes.

    You benefit from our first-hand knowledge of how the CRA works and thinks.

Success Stories

suleman jasat
suleman jasat
I had the opportunity to speak with a Chris Bell regarding tax concern. I found him to be very professional and transparent. He listened to my concerns and provided guidance and did great justice to my tax questions. Highly recommend his services. Suleman
Scott Wagner
Scott Wagner
Outstanding information. Highly recommended.
Daniel Wiens
Daniel Wiens
Very helpful, would recommend to anyone with tax audit, helped me out to fight a very big amount
Gillian Corbo
Gillian Corbo
James Bell and Andrea Dickinson were incredibly knowledgeable about the CRA and taxes. Both were very informative, and put my mind at ease regarding a tax issue. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
Jaimie Pierson
Jaimie Pierson
I cannot say enough about the team at Farber Law. I spoke with my own law firm of 10 year about this case and they were very hesitant to commit. I spoke to Farber they looked at the facts and said what the CRA did was not right or fair. They committed fully to the case and worked for 3 years to get the job done. My case was very complicated and and could have gone in several different directions including partial settlement or rulings. The team at Farber fought hard and won. I received refund. If you legal issue with the CRA I would recommend the team at Farber Law.
Tax law is complex, but you can count on Jeremie Beitel to provide strategic, accessible solutions. I received prompt, professional service. Jeremie was warm and engaging. He gave me peace of mind, and offered bonus information for my evaluation and review whenever I needed a reminder of his advice. He also worked to achieve a cost-efficient outcome. Thanks Jeremie!
Kyoko Thompson
Kyoko Thompson
I recently had an excellent experience. James is amazing. He gave me perfect tips and my concern and issue were solved right away. I definitely recommend Farber Tax Solutions.
Jay Raynor
Jay Raynor
Having tax problems felt somewhat lonely, and almost like I was playing a sports game by myself.  Farber Tax and Scott Hannay made me feel like I was suddenly part of a professional team that actually wanted me to win! Don't wait a minute longer, call Farber Tax now!!
Carol Daniels
Carol Daniels
Tax problems are scary. The one I have is no exception. An error at the CRA put me owing many thousands of dollars in taxes, which was clearly wrong. But, being that this was a huge amount, we thought we might need help. After sending in a request on the Web form, we quickly got an appointment. We met online, via webcam with Mr. James Bell. He is professional, respectful and very knowledgeable, with loads of experience. He is also not intimidating and seems very kind. We got enough information from our consultation to know we should simply file an objection, as there was obviously an error. This should solve the issue. It was just a knowledge issue, a matter quickly understood by real tax professionals, such as Mr. Bell. I think Mr Bell saved my life, because even though we could have simply filed the objection, we were assured that there had been an error, and I'm not stressing (for maybe a year while we await a response) about potential loss of years of work due to some random clerk's error at the CRA. Many thanks to Mr. Bell and Farber Tax Solutions.
Update: Sadly, I have not heard back from anyone at Farber regarding fixing the issue. This means instead of paying (just) the Farber fee, I ended up paying an extra $9K from an illegitimate six figure claim by the CRA in addition to Farber's fee. Would have been more than happy to pay only the Farber fee but I guess this is the horse trading they do to get reductions. Overall, I would still recommend Farber but please, lawyers don't be in a rush to close your case. Original review is below: I've been working with Farber for the last 3 years (I think, it seems an eternity) on a pretty messy six figure tax situation. (Edit: the situation is not yet complete, I will update with my final review when that happens) First, let me say the Farber reps did an EXCELLENT job. They committed to the duration at a high level of quality and professionalism. At the end though, when we discovered just past a deadline that there was a potential to remove 100% of my tax liability for the year in question, the representative was done with the process and there was no more room for improvement. It is quite likely that there indeed was no possibility to go back to the CRA but I would have liked him to at least try. So what can you expect when you hire Farber? 1. Excellent representation. They take the time to understand your situation and try to find an approach that works given the information they have. Without question, the best professionals I have worked with in any field and I dealt with about 3 separate people from Farber. 2. Great value. 3. PROCESS ORIENTED. Once the process is done, even if you find something that potentially eliminates all liability, then they are done. It sucks, but it is what it is. I will add that I felt pressured to accept the final decision as there are emails that will attest to me not being OK with the proposed decision for precisely the reason that turned out to be true. But after 3 years, and them taking a 6 figure tax liability down to low 5 figues, I'd probably be done with it too. Still, 0 tax liability is better than 5 figures I'd say. So as long as you go into it with this understanding (that you may have to pay more than you should if things happen to fall outside their process), I can wholeheartedly recommend Farber. My 4 star review is not representative of what I know they deserve (5 stars). My 4 star review represents my experience because I feel that the decision should have had more time to marinate and it should have been made more clear to me that there was no room for adjustment afterwards. Especially if the client is fighting back and saying that there is an issue, you should hear them out. As lawyers, I feel this is their responsibility. Hopefully my comment helps them deal with other situations better. A few extra weeks to let the case marinate doesn't do anything, but if it saves 10s of thousands, it's worth it.