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CRA Notice of Objection Form: Key Points to Remember

If you disagree with the CRA’s assessment of your tax returns, you can file a formal objection. Filing a Notice of Objection involves completing a T400A form. But it can often be much more complicated and you’ll need to make sure you don’t miss the Notice of Objection deadline. Here are some key points to remember.

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The Notice of Objection Deadline and Other Critical Information


When the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) initially reviews your income tax return, it sends you a Notice of Assessment (NOA). It may later send out a Notice of Reassessment if it has gone back and taken another look at your returns after it sent out the initial assessment. Both of these documents will outline what the CRA believes you have to pay in taxes. If you disagree with the assessment or reassessment, there is a formal process to follow. This involves completing a CRA Notice of Objection form and filing a formal objection.

A Notice of Objection (NOO) is how you indicate that you disagree with the CRA’s view of your tax situation. For instance, if you believe something is incorrect in the NOA or if you think that the CRA is misrepresenting your situation, you can complete a CRA Notice of Objection form and object to the assessment.

However, when you object, you will need to show proof to back up your claims. After all, without evidence, you won’t make a very strong case and you won’t have a very good chance of your NOO being successful.

This means you will need to have documentation (invoices, receipts, letters, etc.) to support your points. These documents must be clear and well-organized if you want to give yourself the best chance at a successful objection. It’s important to know that you must complete a separate CRA Notice of Objection form for every assessment you are objecting to.


Notice of Objection Deadline Information


It’s critical to remember that there is a timeframe that must be followed if you wish to object to a tax assessment. If you do not submit your documents by the Notice of Objection deadline, then you will lose your chance to object.

The Notice of Objection deadline is one year after the normal filing deadline for your taxes, or 90 days after the date on the Notice of Assessment, whichever is later. For instance, if the deadline to file your return was May 1st, 2018 and you received a Notice of Assessment dated June 1st, you would have until May 1st, 2019 (one year from the filing deadline) to file an objection. However, if the return you filed in May 2018 was reassessed in April 2019, you would have 90 days from the date of the reassessment to object (since this would be later than one year after the normal filing deadline.)

If you missed the Notice of Objection deadline, you may be able to apply for an extension. However, the CRA will only consider your request if you make it within a year of the original Notice of Objection deadline; if you can demonstrate that you were unable to file on time or have someone file on time for you; if you show that you meant to file on time but were unable to; and if you can show that you made the extension application as soon as you were able to.

If you wish to apply for an extension of the Notice of Objection deadline, then it is in your best interest to work with a professional. At Farber Tax Solutions, we have a proven history of successfully negotiating with the CRA and getting positive results for our clients. Contact us today for more information on how we can help.


Having Success with a CRA Notice of Objection Form


As mentioned, one of the keys to having success with a NOO is making a strong case for yourself and backing up this case with evidence. You’ll need to have all your supporting documentation ready, organized, and available, as the CRA may require this information.

Working with a professional at this point can be a very good idea. While completing a CRA Notice of Objection form seems like an easy task at first, doing it right and giving yourself the best opportunity for success is quite difficult. The team at Farber Tax Solutions has years of experience in communicating with the CRA and successfully filing objections to CRA assessments. Our team of ex-CRA professionals, working in affiliation with tax lawyers from Farber Tax Law know how to successfully navigate CRA processes, communicate and negotiate with the CRA, and resolve your tax issues. Contact us today for more information.

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