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A Bridal & Wedding Business in Vancouver, CRA Froze Their Bank Account.

Case Background:

A bridal and wedding services company located in Vancouver, BC, operates under strict timelines to meet the demands of imminent weddings, necessitating a high level of efficiency. The occurrence of a frozen bank account represents a severe disruption, preventing the business from paying suppliers or placing orders. This situation arose due to outstanding business and personal taxes, which were attributed to delayed filings. An assertive collections officer handling the account demanded full payment and subsequently froze both business and personal accounts. As a result, the company is unable to conduct its operations, including running the bridal shop and fulfilling orders.

The Farber Tax Solutions Approach:

She enlisted the services of Farber Tax Solutions, which promptly intervened to facilitate discussions regarding the withdrawal of the Requirement to Pay (RTP). When the collections officer proved uncooperative, we escalated the matter to the Team Leader. We successfully negotiated a payment plan across all accounts, tailored to her financial capacity, and succeeded in having all garnishments lifted. The resolution process, including financial disclosure, reviews, and escalations to the team leader, was completed within a three-week timeframe.

At Farber Tax Solutions, our core commitment revolves around advocating for taxpayers in scenarios like John’s. Our expertise lies in negotiating extended repayment plans that align with each individual’s unique financial circumstances and ability to pay. Recognizing that everyone faces distinct personal challenges, we prioritize exhaustively exploring all possible avenues and ensuring that your interaction with the Canada Revenue Agency is based on a thorough comprehensive analysis of your situation. If your situation is similar to John’s, we can help.

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