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Tax Lawyer In Woodbridge

Looking for a tax lawyer in Woodbridge and surrounding areas who will review your tax situation, communicate directly with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and represent you in court as needed to resolve your tax situation?

Tax laws are complex and change often. If you’re having an issue or dispute with the CRA, you need to work with lawyers whose sole focus is tax law.

The Farber Tax Law team, composed of experienced tax lawyers and ex-CRA Advisors*, offers a range of strategies to help you deal with your tax debt and find relief. We provide holistic and high quality tax advice. Our tax lawyers represent Woodbridge-based clients in meetings with the CRA as well as in all levels of tax court. This includes the Tax Court of Canada and the Federal Court of Appeal.

The Farber tax lawyers practice exclusively in tax litigation and dispute resolution. They have comprehensive knowledge in Canadian tax law, as well as extensive experience managing tax audits and appeals processes, and have successfully represented individual and corporate clients in numerous cases all across Canada. Our ex-CRA Advisors have over 65+ years of combined experience, previously working at the CRA, and utilize their knowledge to help secure the best possible outcome for you.

As tax litigation lawyers, we provide our clients with strict lawyer-client privileges, so you can freely discuss all your tax disputes. Contact us today to find out more about working with a tax litigation lawyer who supports clients in Woodbridge.

Farber Tax Law Helps You at Every Step of the Way Including:

  1. Organization: We analyze all documents, plan a strategy, as well as communicate and negotiate with the CRA on your behalf​
  2. Audits: We ensure proper audit conduct and represent you in meetings with the CRA
  3. Appeals: We resolve CRA disputes. Trust us to handle your Notice of Objection and represent you during every step of the appeals process
  4. Litigation: Farber Tax Law lawyers represent clients in all levels of court

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