Sameka Syblis

Legal Administrative Assistant, Farber Tax Law

Sameka is the Legal Administrative Assistant at Farber Tax Law. She believes that excellent customer service is crucial to ensuring clients feel comfortable and trust the firm to do business with them. 

She joined Farber Tax Law in 2021 and is responsible for maintaining administrative processes that enable clients’ cases to be efficiently resolved including file management, sending correspondence and opening files for new clients. Sameka is essentially the go-to person ensuring that Farber Tax Law’s client files are properly inputted and maintained to facilitate the lawyers’ work.

Prior to working at Farber Tax Law, Sameka worked for a financial institution issuing loans, handling client files, scheduling, performing audits and ensuring that all files were up to date and accurate. She also developed her skills in excellent customer service and building client relationships.

Sameka is a graduate of Humber College’s Law Clerk Diploma Program 

In her free time, Sameka enjoys trying new recipes, listening to podcasts, and spending time with loved ones.