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RC4288 Taxpayer Relief Form

The CRA’s Taxpayer Relief Program can result in a reduction or elimination of penalties and interest. Successfully completing form RC4288 is a part of applying for relief. If you owe a significant amount to the CRA the RC4288 form can help reduce or eliminate any interest and penalties you may owe.

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Form RC4288 and the CRA’s Taxpayer Relief Program


If you file your taxes late, or if you do not pay your tax debt when it is due, you could be charged penalties and interest on the outstanding tax debt. The longer you wait to pay off your debt in full, the more you will be charged. Over time, these charges add up and you could soon find yourself unable to pay what you owe.

Many people in this situation find themselves searching for form RC4288: Request for Taxpayer Relief – Cancel or Waive Penalties or Interest.

The RC4288 form is a part of the Canada Revenue Agency’s Taxpayer Relief Program. This is a program that can give those who owe money to the CRA some relief in the form of waiving penalties and interest charges. It’s important to note that completing form RC4288 and being accepted into the Taxpayer Relief Program will not reduce the overall amount of tax debt that is owed. The program simply provides a taxpayer with an option to reduce or eliminate penalties and interest charges. However, if you have been hit with large penalties, this program can be very helpful.

It’s also important to note that the process isn’t as simple as filling out a RC4288 form and then getting relief. Dealing with the CRA can be quite complicated.


About the CRA Taxpayer Relief Program


The CRA may consider waiving penalties and/or interest charges if certain circumstances prevent a taxpayer from being able to meet their tax obligations.

These situations include:

  • Actions of the CRA (such as processing delays, errors in processing, errors in CRA materials, etc.)
  • Extreme financial hardship (such as a situation where paying your tax bill will make it impossible for you to afford the basic necessities of life)
  • Extraordinary circumstances (natural disasters, civil disturbances, emotional distress, etc.)
  • Other circumstances (the CRA may be willing to grant relief in situations other than the ones listed here)

To make application for taxpayer relief, you must complete form RC4288. However, if you can provide valid proof of your circumstances and accurately explain your situation to the CRA, you will have the greatest chance at having penalties and interest charges waived. Working with an experienced professional puts you in the best situation to accomplish this and relieve relief.


Help Completing Form RC4288 & Getting Relief from Penalties and Interest


The CRA has very complicated processes and can be quite difficult to deal with. The team at Farber Tax Solutions understands the CRA and knows what is required to have the best chance at success. When it comes to taxpayer relief application and form RC4288, trust our team to help you.

The team at Farber is made up of legal, accounting, and ex-CRA professionals who have the experience needed to successfully communicate with the CRA. Contact us today for more information and to find out how we can help you receive taxpayer relief.

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