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Farber Tax Solutions is a tax dispute resolution firm serving clients across Canada. Our team of ex-CRA professionals, working in affiliation with tax lawyers from Farber Tax Law, provide holistic and high-quality tax advice. We have built our reputation on outstanding client service and are committed to helping you succeed in your tax matter. Our strength lies in our unique experienced team who work together to offer comprehensive solutions to complex tax issues, including:

CRA Collections Representation

The CRA can be merciless when it comes to tax arrears. Our professionals can help you deal with CRA Collections, including removing legal action and getting long-term payment arrangements.

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Tax Investigations

When you don’t know where to begin with your taxes, we can help you find your options. Our professionals can untangle any tax situation and provide real guidance on how to move forward.

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CRA Audit Support

Never agree to an audit unrepresented. Talk to our team first. We know what CRA auditors look for and can help you avoid traps and pitfalls. When you work with Farber Tax Solutions, you win.

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Objections & Disputes

When the CRA gets an assessment wrong, we can help you fight back. Our experienced tax team can help in disputing CRA assessments and can help you win.

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Voluntary Disclosures

Mistakes on taxes can happen to anyone. Our experienced tax team can help you correct errors and omissions without prosecution and penalties.

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Taxpayer Relief

The CRA can add hefty penalties and interest onto existing tax debts. We can help alleviate these amounts and help you get relief.

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Remission Orders

When all else fails, a Remission Order may be able to relief from tax, penalties, and interest. We have experience in navigating the process and securing the best outcome for our clients.

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Expert Witnesses

Our ex-CRA team bring 65+ years of combined experience from various departments across the CRA including Audit, Appeals, Collections, Tax Shelters, and Criminal Enforcement. This breadth of experience gives us the ability to provide credible expert evidence and consulting services as former CRA officers.

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Farber Tax Solutions can help you successfully deal with CRA problems. We utilize the experience of our tax team to:

  • 1| Offer a comprehensive solution that is focused on achieving the most favourable possible outcome for your tax issue
  • 2| Communicate with the CRA on your behalf and navigate the entire CRA dispute processes
  • 3| Offer a complete solution to tax problems, including ex-CRA professionals and lawyers from Farber Tax Law

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