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Farber Tax Solutions can help you successfully deal with CRA collections. We utilize the experience of our ex-CRA proffessionlas to:

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Muncton, NB

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I would highly recommend the services of the Farber Tax team! James spent time listening to my situation and recommending a course of action, I accepted his help right away. Scott was my go to in the office and guided us through our CRA nightmare. He took over all communications with the CRA even though we had an extremely aggressive collector harassing my family for payment. This collector would call multiple times a day both myself, my wife and Scott. It got so bad that Scott had this individual removed from our file and a reprimand of the collectors behavior was sent in to his superiors. Fortunately we came to a reasonable payment arrangement and a much better collector. I’m happy to say we only have one more payment and we will be caught up. The power the CRA holds over individuals is unbelievable. I could not believe we had to experience this treatment and I firmly believe Scott saved the day, our sanity and our financial future. This company knows their stuff, and again, I highly recommend them to be in your corner.