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How can you dispute a Notice of Assessment (NOA) or Notice of Reassessment (NOR)?

If you think the CRA got it wrong on their Notice of Assessment or Reassessment, you can dispute it by filing a notice of objection but you must do it correctly for it to work. With ex-CRAs professionals, Farber Tax Solutions can handle the CRA on your behalf.

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How can I dispute a Notice of Assessment (NOA) or Notice of Reassessment (NOR)?


After you file your tax returns, the CRA will send you a Notice of Assessment to inform you of how much you owe in taxes. Sometimes, the Notice of Assessment will have amounts that differ from what you originally reported. In another case, the CRA may even go back to a previous taxation year and make changes, such as increasing the income or disallowing your expenses. You will then receive a Notice of Reassessment informing you that your tax owed has increased.

If you disagree with these Notices, you can dispute the CRA’s decision.


Notice of Objection:


The first step in the formal dispute resolution process is a Notice of Objection to the CRA. The Notice of Objection should describe:


  1. which Notice of Assessment or Reassessment you are objecting to;
  2. what you believe the issue to be; and
  3. how you believe you should have been assessed.


The Notice of Objection can be filed using a T400A Objection form. Your Notice of Objection can be filed online through the CRA’s My Account platform, regular mail, or via fax.

The Notice of Objection must be generally filed within 90 days of receiving the Notice of Assessment or Reassessment. It is possible to extend the deadline by up to one year. However, this will require further explanation on your part as to why you did not object during the regular time frame. For this reason, we generally recommend obtaining the assistance of an experienced tax professional when objecting.


CRA Appeals Officer:


After receiving your Notice of Objection, your file will be assigned to an Appeals Officer within the CRA. This process can take several months. During this time, you will have the opportunity to make submissions, and discuss the file with the Officer to provide details and supporting documentation.


Supporting Documentation:


If the CRA does not agree with the amounts that you originally reported, chances are that they lack the evidence to back up your claims. If you wish to dispute your Notice of Assessment or Reassessment, it is essential to have the invoices, receipts and bank statements to support your objection.

If you think the CRA got it wrong on their Notice of Assessment or Reassessment, contact us today. We can help with filing an objection and remedying your tax situation.

Farber Tax Solutions can help you successfully deal with CRA problems. We utilize the experience of our tax experts to:

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