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CRA Tax Liens

How to find tax liens on a property and what you can do if the CRA places a lien on your home.

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What is a CRA Tax Lien?


A tax lien is usually a method used to compel individuals or businesses to pay debts owed to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The CRA places liens on the property of a tax debtor to secure its interests.

A lien prevents taxpayers from refinancing or selling their property until the debt is paid, and can be placed on a taxpayer’s home, real estate holdings, and any other property. The lien can stay in effect until the debt is paid in full, a payment arrangement with the CRA is established, or the CRA decides to withdraw it.


Finding a Lien on a Property


Taxpayers can find out whether a lien has been registered against their property by doing a title search through a third party, such as a title insurance agency. Alternatively, if you have a mortgage on your home, your bank will know whether there are any liens on that property. In some provinces, taxpayers also have access to a personal property security registration system (such as Access Now in Ontario) where taxpayers can search for a lien.


How to Deal with a CRA Tax Lien


If the CRA is threatening a lien or has already placed a lien, the best way to resolve the situation is to pay off the debt or arrange a payment plan with the CRA Collections Division. However, paying off the debt in full is challenging, and the CRA typically does not reach long-term payment arrangements without significant negotiation.

At Farber Tax Solutions, our team are experts in negotiating with the CRA, resulting in the removal of all enforcement actions including liens. We have successfully arranged for the deferral and postponement of liens on behalf of our clients to allow them to sell or refinance their property.


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