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At Farber Tax Solutions, our professional team of ex-CRA, tax lawyers and accountants are experts in dealing with CRA collectors, negotiating long-term payment arrangements and getting legal action withdrawn immediately.

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CRA Collections Enforcement Action


The CRA has the authority to take legal action against tax debtors. Many of its collection powers can be exercised without a court order. Depending on the severity of the debt and the history of the taxpayer, the CRA can exercise a wide variety of their enforcement powers to collect any tax arrears, such as imposing garnishments, bank freezes, liens and asset seizure.


What Kind of Legal Action Can CRA Take?


CRA Garnishment


Garnishments redirect the cash flow of a taxpayer to the CRA. For wage earners with tax debt, the CRA can impose wage garnishments of up to 50% of employment income. Self-employed individuals can face full 100% garnishments against their company’s receivables. In addition, the CRA can also garnish the wages and/or dividends of an owner-manager, crippling their cash flow. Our staff are experts in getting garnishments lifted or reduced, allowing room and time to negotiate payment arrangements with the CRA.


Frozen Bank Account or Requirement to Pay


Also known as a Requirement to Pay, a bank freeze allows the CRA to seize control of a taxpayer’s bank account, redirecting any existing and future funds to the CRA. Often done without warning, the CRA uses the element of surprise to prevent taxpayers from shifting funds before they can be captured. Our staff are experts in removing bank freezes and can minimize the impact of your tax problem on daily life.


Property Liens


CRA often places liens on the property of a tax debtor to secure its interests. This prevents taxpayers from refinancing or selling their property until the debt is paid. Our team has successfully arranged for the deferral and postponement of liens on behalf of our clients to allow them to sell or refinance their property in a timely manner.


Seizure of Assets or a Writ of Seizure and Sale


A Writ of Seizure and Sale allows the CRA to take possession of taxpayer property or assets and sell them to pay off existing debts. Asset seizure can include your home, rental or vacation properties, or business property. Our team are experts in negotiating with the CRA to prevent a writ from being registered against your property.


How to Deal with CRA Enforcement Action


Being faced with enforcement action can be intimidating. If you have received a legal warning, notice of assessment, or other correspondence from the CRA indicating that you owe taxes, it may be time to seek help. We recommend dealing with the CRA through a representative to demonstrate that the situation is being taken seriously and that you are actively taking steps to resolve your debt.


How We Help


Although the quickest way to have legal action removed is by negotiating a payment arrangement with the CRA, long-term arrangements are tricky to obtain and dealing with CRA collectors can be a stressful and upsetting experience.

At Farber Tax Solutions, our professional team of ex-CRA, tax lawyers and accountants are experts in dealing with CRA collectors, negotiating long-term payment arrangements and getting legal action withdrawn immediately.

With decades of combined experience between our ex-CRA staff and a history of successful negotiation, Farber Tax Solutions brings additional credibility and offers peace of mind. We specialize in mitigating existing or impending legal action taken by the CRA and securing payment arrangements on behalf of our clients.

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Farber Tax Solutions can help you successfully deal with CRA problems. We utilize the experience of our tax experts to:

  • 1| Offer a comprehensive solution that is focused on achieving the most favourable possible outcome for your tax issue;
  • 2| Communicate with the CRA on your behalf and navigate the entire CRA dispute process; and
  • 3| Offer a complete solution to your tax problems, including ex-CRA professionals, lawyers, and experienced accountants.


Success Stories

"The power the CRA holds over individuals is unbelievable. I could not believe we had to experience this treatment and I firmly believe Scott saved the day, our sanity and our financial future. Farber Tax knows their stuff, and I highly recommend them to be in your corner."

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