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Home Renovation company, behind in payroll and HST.

The pandemic had a serious impact on the ability of small business owners  to meet their outstanding payment obligations to both the CRA and suppliers as their revenues dropped significantly. If you don’t pay the CRA what is due, they have the ability to freeze your bank accounts and severely disrupt your business.

The following is a real case study in which we helped a client faced with this situation.

Case Background:

This was a home renovation company that got substantially behind in payroll and HST as a result of the pandemic as all business activity came to a halt. However, once the pandemic was over, the CRA became relentless in collecting whatever taxes were due. The client talked to the Collections Officer but could not make any progress in trying to resolve the situation. Consequently the Officer placed  an RTP on the company bank account.  The collector would not remove it without payment in full on all fronts.

The Farber Tax Solutions Approach:

We were engaged to have the RTP removed and to negotiate a payment plan with the CRA. Failing to come to an agreement with the Collections Officer, I escalated to the team leader and negotiated removal of the RTP based on the company securing a loan to pay the source deductions balance and then got a twelve month arrangement for the HST balance with no financial disclosure.

At Farber Tax Solutions, our core commitment revolves around advocating for taxpayers in scenarios like John’s. Our expertise lies in negotiating extended repayment plans that align with each individual’s unique financial circumstances and ability to pay. Recognizing that everyone faces distinct personal challenges, we prioritize exhaustively exploring all possible avenues and ensuring that your interaction with the Canada Revenue Agency is based on a thorough comprehensive analysis of your situation. If your situation is similar to John’s, we can help.

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