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Lost Notice of Assessment: What Can You Do?

June 24, 2019

Have a Lost Notice of Assessment? Here’s How to Handle the Situation

A Notice of Assessment (NOA) is created and sent out when you file your income taxes and the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) completes its initial processing of your tax return. A Notice of Assessment includes your contact information, the statement date and year, the type of return that has been assessed, any action you need to take, your current balance, and other information. It is an important document so you will want to keep a copy of it in a safe place. If you have lost Notice of Assessment, there are ways to get a copy.

Lost Notice of Assessment? How to Get a Copy

If you have a lost Notice of Assessment, the most convenient way to get a copy is to use the CRA My Account page. If you are signed up, you can download any NOAs that were issued after February 2015. You can also view and print summaries of Notices of Assessment that were issued between 2004 and 2015. These summaries will likely give you the information you need.

The CRA mobile app can also be used to get a copy of a lost Notice of Assessment from the current year or the previous three years.

You can also request an income and deductions printout (also known as a Proof of Income Statement) which includes much of the same information as the Notice of Assessment.

Why a Notice of Assessment is Important

If you are looking for a copy of a lost Notice of Assessment, it’s likely that you are aware of the importance of the document. The NOA explains how the CRA calculated your return as well as any next steps that you will need to take.

Having your NOA is important for other reasons. You may also need the NOA when qualifying for a loan, such as a mortgage. The document is used to prove your income as well as show the lender that you have paid your taxes. In this situation, if you have a lost Notice of Assessment, you will want to go online and download a copy to provide to the lender.

However, know that just because you receive an NOA, it doesn’t mean that the CRA is done looking at your return. The agency can go back and reassess prior year returns. If this happens, you will receive a Notice of Reassessment that will replace your initial Notice of Assessment. The CRA can go back three years from the initial assessment date and review returns, and potentially further back if the agency suspects fraud.

If you Disagree with a Notice of Assessment

Having your NOA is also important because the date on the document is critical. If you disagree with the agency’s assessment of your taxes and wish to file a formal objection, you have one year from the filing deadline or 90 days from the date on the NOA to do so, whichever date is later. If you decide to file a Notice of Objection, you must explain to the CRA why you disagree with the assessment or reassessment. You will also want to provide documentation to back up your claims.

If the CRA agrees with your viewpoint, it will send you a revised assessment. If it does not, the agency will confirm in writing that the initial NOA (or NOR) still stands.

Filing a Notice of Objection must be done properly. Not only are their time constraints in place, but proving your case to the CRA must be done with care. If you are able to create a comprehensive and persuasive case, complete with documents to back up your statements, you will have a better chance of success.

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If you are looking for a lost Notice of Assessment because you wish to object to the information it contains, it’s highly recommended that you speak with a professional. Our experienced team can give you the best shot at successfully resolving your tax dispute.