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CRA Tax Lawyers For Tax Litigation

July 30, 2020

What is a Tax Lawyer?

A tax lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in tax law. These professionals graduate from accredited law schools, have extensively studied tax law, and have significant experience in tax law. In Canada, this means that a tax lawyer has complete awareness of the Canadian legal system as well as all Canadian tax laws, including the Income Tax Act, and the Excise Tax Act.

There are a number of reasons why an individual or a company may want to consult with or work with a tax lawyer, such as the experienced team at Farber Tax Solutions in affiliation with Farber Tax Law.

The Powers of the Canada Revenue Agency

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is an incredibly powerful agency. In addition to administering tax law for the Government of Canada and in most provinces and territories, the CRA also processes tax returns and collects income tax, excise tax, payroll tax, etc. GST/HST is governed by Excise Tax Act.

It is in the collection of taxes that the CRA can truly demonstrate significant power. The agency is legally able to garnish wages (often without a court order), seize assets, withhold money from other government agencies, and take other collection steps if an individual or organization owes tax debt.

The CRA also performs audits to ensure compliance with tax laws, conducts investigations, and can become a witness in tax court to provide evidence in an appeal. During an appeal, the Tax Court will examine the claims and evidence provided by the taxpayer, as well as the arguments and evidence provided by the government. Information provided by the CRA tax lawyer or the taxpayer will be considered when deciding the case. That is why it is important to work with an experienced tax lawyer who understands tax law and CRA processes.

Working with a Tax Lawyer

There are many reasons why an individual or an organization would work with a tax lawyer. One reason, as mentioned, could be as representation in all levels of court, including the Tax Court of Canada and the Federal Court of Appeal. A tax lawyer can also participate and represent clients in meetings with the CRA. This can be done to ensure that a client’s rights are respected and protected throughout the process.

One situation where it is incredibly important to have legal representation is in a case of potential tax evasion, such as a situation that involves undisclosed foreign income. Tax evasion is a very serious charge and there are significant penalties for a person or organization if proven guilty of this crime, including possible prison time. In recent years, the CRA and the Government of Canada have begun to crack down on possible tax evasion, and special attention has been paid to cases involving foreign income and undisclosed income.

A tax lawyer can defend your rights, present evidence on your behalf, argue your side of the case, and work to ensure that you are treated fairly during the entire process. You can trust a tax lawyer to be on your side and defend your rights.

Working with a tax lawyer means that you will receive solicitor-client privilege when discussing your case. This means that you can discuss any and all matters relating to your tax situation in an open and honest manner. Not only can doing so ensure that all the facts are presented, but it can help you receive better information about Canadian tax law.

Trust the Tax Lawyers at Farber Tax Law

While the team at Farber Tax Solutions is made up of ex-CRA tax professionals, its affiliation with Farber Tax Law allows Farber Tax Solutions to help clients requiring a licensed tax lawyer. The Farber Tax Law team is made up of experienced tax lawyers and legal professionals, They have years of experience in successfully communicating and negotiating with the CRA. You can trust the team to work with you to resolve your tax situation.

The CRA isn’t just a very powerful agency, but it is also a notoriously difficult one to work with. CRA processes are often lengthy, time-consuming, and complicated, making them difficult to deal with. Our team has the experience and skill needed to cut through the red tape and resolve your tax situation in the best possible matter.

You don’t want to risk dealing with the CRA yourself, especially in situations where legal charges could be pressed against you. At Farber Tax Solutions in affiliation with Farber Tax Law, we provide comprehensive solutions to tax disputes. Our team of ex-cra professionals along with experienced tax lawyers from Farber Tax Law understand Canadian taxes inside and out. We have years of experience in negotiating and communicating with the CRA.

As mentioned, the CRA is a very powerful agency. It knows that it has very strong collection and legal powers, so it uses the threat of these powers in negotiations. That can make it incredibly tough to deal with. You do not want to slip up or make a mistake when communicating with the CRA, as doing so could cost you financially – and it could potentially lead to very serious criminal charges.

Trust our Ex-CRA Tax Professionals and Tax Lawyers from Farber Tax Law to:

  • Provide tax advice to individuals and small businesses that face CRA audits, accompany clients to the audit, and communicate directly with the CRA on their behalf
  • Represent taxpayers who have been reassessed by the CRA, who have had expenses or deductions rejected by the CRA, or who wish to object to a CRA assessment or reassessment
  • Negotiate the removal of CRA wage garnishments, bank account seizures, and property liens
  • Represent clients facing criminal prosecution for tax evasion, fraud, and other tax-related issues
  • Communicate and negotiate with the CRA to arrange tax payment plans
  • Work with our clients to appeal tax rulings and provide representation in the Court of Appeals
  • Provide counseling to individuals and businesses regarding tax matters
  • Resolve a wide variety of tax disputes, and more

Contact us today for more information and to find out how we can help resolve your tax situation. Our unique experience and diverse team of professionals make us an excellent choice for whatever your tax problem may be.